A tour to Bagamoyo historical town will enlighten tourist of how and where slaves and slavery trade were conducted in East Africa, it will educate tourist about Colonial error by visiting Old Boma which was the First German East Africa State House in East Africa, Old Fort, Kaole Ruins, Catholic Museum, Crocodile Farm, Old Port in East Africa, get the history of Caravanserai, The First Cross erected by the Missionary on the coast of East Africa, Dr Livingstone’s Church, the fish market and many others places if time permits. Strolling through Bagamoyo’s narrow, unpaved streets takes you back to the mid-19th century, when the town was one of the most important settlements along the East African coast and the terminus of the trade caravan route linking Lake Tanganyika with the sea. 

Bagamoyo tour
Bagamoyo Boma

Slaves, ivory, salt and copra were unloaded here before being shipped to Zanzibar Island and elsewhere, and many European explorers, including Richard Burton, Henry Morton Stanley and David Livingstone began and ended their trips here. In 1868 French missionaries established Freedom Village at Bagamoyo as a shelter for ransomed slaves, and for the remainder of the century the town served as a way station for missionaries travelling from Zanzibar Island to the interior.

 Visit Bagamoyo on a full-day tour. See the magnificent historic buildings, a slave port, Coral Mosques at Kaole, graves and other relics from the 13th century. Enjoy the old ferry at the Great Wami River, and explore the relics of the slave trade, such as shackle rings and stone pens.



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