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 TIEM TOURS AND SAFARIS is an African safari specialist and tour operator, offering a full service for arranging and booking safaris, mountain climbing expeditions, Car hire and beach holidays around Tanzania. Tiem tours offers you a wholesome and distinct insight into the wonders of Tanzania amazingly diverse landscape, wildlife, history and cultural heritage. Our expeditions are crafted by a diverse family and team born-bred in Tanzania, who love the country and care to deliver the finest tour experiences from a native perspective. This natural advantage allows us to introduce and discern to travelers with shared interests the varied authenticity of Tanzania: its people, breathtaking beauty, the power of raw life to its unforgettable sense of wilderness and outback sovereignty. 


Our main objectives are preservation of culture, wildlife and our goodwill of helping our fellow Tanzanians who live low lives that they cannot afford to cover their basic needs. 2% of our income have been/are donated to different empowering projects like water drilling to society who were/are in need of clean water that they walk miles away from their houses searching for water.

Tiem Tours and Safaris is a legally registered and fully-compliant Tanzanian company and holds a Tanzania Tourism Licence. We are based in Tanzania Wildlife Safaris | Mountain Trekking and Zanzibar Excursions. 

Some of our most popular specialty tours and destinations include:

  • Kilimanjaro trekking, from easy to rugged, via the Marangu route, Machame route, Lemosho route, Umbwe and Longai route.
  • Hiking adventures to Mount Meru and the tropical Usambara Mountains.
  • Game viewing adventures to various destinations such as Tarangire, Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro Crater, the Serengeti plain for the Great Wildebeest Migration, Selous game reserve, Mikumi National Park, Ruaha National park, Mkomazi National Park, Saadani National Park, Mahale Mountains National Park, Arusha National Park, Gombe National Park, Katavi National Park.
  • Culture Tours
  • Various amazing Day trips. 
  • Zanzibar Island and the fabulous Indian Ocean coast.

Clients who have traveled with TIEM TOURS and those who personally work with us on daily basis or know us from our efforts to give back and make a positive change in Tanzania, easily recognize that we are not the norm: we genuinely care and offer a heartfelt commitment to our guests and to the integration of responsible tourism with wildlife conservation, ecology safeguarding and the wellbeing of indigenous cultural communities.

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Have enjoyed every second of my own private safari ! Thanks so much Sabrina and all the team from Tiem Tours and Safaris for such a great trip! Have loved every second of it !
Nathan François
We had a wonderful Safari with Tiem Team. The guide took us to Tarangire, Serengeti, Ndutu and Ngorongoro. He is a very experienced guide, he is very attentive and friendly. Thank you!
Christine Sylvester
This was one of the best days of my life! thoroughly enjoyed Ngorongoro Crater. Everything was perfect and definitely memorable. Thank you Tiem Tours and Safaris Team.
Linda Davies



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Safari Guide

Safari Guide

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