– You will explore the world of coffee, the visit can be done before the safari or after the Safari. Coffee was introduced into the Tanzanian region from modern-day Ethiopia in the 16th century. Coffee was not really brewed in the region but was used as a stimulant.

Arabica and Robusta coffee are Tanzania’s largest export, so of course, they have refined the art of coffee making to near perfection. Grown in Tanzania’s rich volcanic soil, coffee is the primary source of income for many Tanzanians and a tour around one of the many outstanding plantations is well worth the trip. Learn more about the process, taste different brews, and see for yourself what all the hype is about.


The Tour takes place within the grounds of the Lodge, which itself is located within one of Tanzania’s largest coffee estates. Weaving in and out of the evergreen coffee bushes, the Coffee Guide explains how the bean is nurtured, harvested, dried, and finally roasted to produce a myriad of different blends that sate the taste of the most ardent of coffee connoisseurs. Finally, you will enjoy your first cup of pure Tanzanian coffee.